Here is a list of all the new additions to the FAQ. An list of older changes can found here.

The version number of the FAQ changes as follows. A major change results in then the version number is increased by one (from version 10.2 to version 11, for example). If a minor change is being made then the current version is increased by 0.1 (for example, from version 10.2 to 10.3).

As far as new anarchist and libertarian links are concerned, we will add them when we get enough to make an update worthwhile. These updates have no effect on the FAQ version number as we don't want to inflate it higher than the content deserves.

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What's New in the FAQ?

VersionDateWhat's New
Section A
Slight changes to section A to fix a few typos, change the references for Rudolf Rocker's "Anarcho-Syndicalism" to the most recent edition and make a few minor additions here and there (mostly to section A.1).
Section A
Revision of section A to fix typos and improve some of the sections. This is part of the process of getting the FAQ ready for being published by AK Press.

Section A.2.20
New section on why most anarchists are atheists. Discusses the anti-anarchist nature of religion as well as its social role in aiding the powerful and making the oppressed accept their lot in life.

Section A.3.9
New section on "anarcho-primitivism," explaining what it stands for and why most anarchists reject it.

Section A.4.1
Section A.4.2
Section A.4.3
Section A.4.4
New sub-sections on thinkers who are close to anarchism but are not, in fact, anarchists. They include liberals, socialists and marxists as well as others not so easily categorised.

Section H.3.15
New section on why the Leninist argument that "objective factors" rather than Bolshevik ideology caused the failure of the Russian revolution.

Section H.3.16
New section which summarises the impact of Bolshevik ideology on the outcome of the Russian revolution.

Appendix: The Symbols of Anarchy
Slight additions to the history of the Black Flag.

Appendix: The Russian Revolution
New appendix for the various sub-sections of section H which discuss the Russian Revolution (namely sections H.6 to 11).