Appendix : Anarchism and "anarcho"-capitalism

This appendix exists for one reason, namely to explain why the the idea of "anarcho"-capitalism is a bogus one. While we have covered this topic in some detail in section F, we thought that this appendix should be created in order to update and bring together our critique of Bryan Caplan's "Anarchist Theory FAQ." Caplan's FAQ is the main on-line attempt to give the oxymoron of "anarcho"-capitalism some form of justification and so it is worthwhile explaining, using his FAQ as the base, why such an attempt fails.

As we will prove, Caplan's FAQ fails in its attempt to prove that "anarcho" capitalism can be considered as part of the anarchist movement and in fact his account involves extensive re-writing of history. This appendix is in two parts, a reply to Caplan's most recent FAQ release (version 5.2) and an older reply to version 4.1.1 (which was originally section F.10 of the FAQ). The introduction to the reply to version 4.1.1 indicates what most anarchists think of Caplan's FAQ and its claims of "objectivity" as so we will not repeat ourselves here.

We have decided to include these replies in an appendix as they are really an addition to the main body of the FAQ. Parties interested in why Caplan's claims are false can explore this appendix, those who are interested in anarchist politics can read the FAQ without having to also read on-line arguments between anarchists and capitalists.

We should, perhaps, thank Caplan for allowing us an opportunity of explaining the ideas of such people as Proudhon and Tucker, allowing us to quote them and so bring their ideas to a wider audience and for indicating that anarchism, in all its forms, has always opposed capitalism and always will.

  • Replies to Some Errors and Distortions in Bryan Caplan's "Anarchist Theory FAQ" version 5.2
    1. 1 Individualist Anarchists and the socialist movement.
      2 Why is Caplan's definition of socialism wrong?
      3 Was Proudhon a socialist or a capitalist?
      4 Tucker on Property, Communism and Socialism.
      5 Anarchism and "anarcho"-capitalism.
      6 Appendix: Defining Anarchism

  • Replies to Some Errors and Distortions in Bryan Caplan's "Anarchist Theory FAQ" version 4.1.1.
    1. 1 Is anarchism purely negative?
      2 Anarchism and Equality
      3 Is anarchism the same thing as socialism?
      4 Anarchism and dissidents
      5 How would anarcho-capitalism work?